It’s like every time I say I’m back I never stay lol. But seriously everyone I’m back! It’s been a rough couple of weeks ever since I moved into my apartment but it’s smooth sailing now.

Vegas has been treating me really well… I’m learning how to network and connect with people (the right people at that) because I feel like that’s what life is about. Living, celebrating, and being happy. Celebrating your existence and doing as much in this world that you can possibly do. Aside from trying to find/figure out your destiny. I’ve been sitting around planning and planning things and then I realized why sit and plan things when you can just do it!

That’s something that I’ve been struggling with a lot lately. I don’t know where or how it happened it’s like I was at a standstill….frozen…and then I was reborn. Kinda like Neo in the matrix.. I promise to dedicate myself to my writing, and blog. I promise to never let myself down like that again.

I’m going to remove the word “try” out of my vocabulary and continue to press on.

I hope that you all are having a great night! Be groovy everyone 🙂