The Day Everything Changed…

Last Friday (October 21,2016 at 4:18am) my life changed and when I say changed I mean really changed….And yes it was all for the better. You see last Thursday Dillon Brandon Thomas came into this world and I am now the mother to a beautiful baby boy. More beautiful than I ever imagined he would be. Thinking back to when I was in that hospital bed in labor pushing to bring my son into this world I didn’t think I could’ve done it but now I understand why I was. Our children seem to unconver this hidden strength that goes well beyond us. A strength that no one seems to even know about yet our children are the only ones who seem to be able to bring it out of us. I’ve grown to love my son more and more each day as I fall in love with him over and over again each time I get a glimpse into his beautiful eyes. So I guess you could say things are really different now but in a good way.


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