Youth .

I don’t know if anybody else does this but sometimes when I see kids and they look at me like dead in the eye I begin to wonder how their personal life is. Like are they taken care of? How is their life at home? Do they have both parents? Are they being abused? Are they learning anything outside of school? I love kids and I just want to see so much for our black youth . They’re leaders and they don’t even know it. Imagine growing up and seeing nothing wrong with the world just like we did when we were younger… They see the world as a beautiful place with no flaws. When everything on tv is simply poisoning their minds, a lot of the mainstream music promotes drugs, sex, and violence. Things like this break my heart simply because it’s setting them up to fail off rip and creating an illusion of how they think the world is. Being lied to off rip and they don’t even know it. Growing up with that around them and some of them still having to face some daily struggles they may go through at home. Whenever I hear about kids having to grow up earlier then they should it bothers me because they have to face real world issues at such an early age. I believe your childhood has a huge impact on what type of adult you eventually turn out to be. I know I can’t save them all but I’d love to influence multiple lives of the youth. I wanna teach them to lead, to be proud of who they are to build them up when they are feeling down because I feel like it’s my responsibility. I’m working on trying to get more involved with the youth . I have a proposal set up it’s called W.A.L. (We Are Leaders) . Which is basically a youth outreach program targeting most of the black youth in inner cities and since I’m in Birmingham that’s where I want to start. I thought I wanted to go through my school and do it but I won’t . Reading some of the rules and regulations they have its not my cup of tea. I rather not deal with guidelines. Mainly because the main thing I felt so strongly about was not getting funded by anyone white (a little radical maybe…). BUT! I want it to be black established, black money, black everything because I believe in Black Excellence and we don’t need any handouts. Maybe that’s me being stubborn but it’s how I feel and can’t anybody take how I feel or what I stand for away from me. I’m literally just thinking out loud right now. I’ll be back later maybe midnight I have a paper to work on guys . But I promise to keep the posts coming with maybe like two a day. Thanks for the support tho! Bbl!


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