OMG! This is weird… 5 months into my pregnancy and I am finally beginning to show I can’t tell you guys how strange this has actually been for me. Watching my body and myself go through all these changes which in many cases is actually normal is so foreign to me. So if you all were wondering this is what’s been going on and why I have been so MIA. Dillon yes! Its a boy!!!! Thank goodness will be here in October and I can’t wait. Which is also strange I was always the one to say that I would adopt and yet here I am carrying my baby. It’s amazing how life turns out.


I used to think that writing was my only true escape but now I am not so sure about that..


It amazes me how in our lives we have the ability to change whatever we want if we don’t like it. It’s like always having a reset button on life or a do over button whichever you prefer to call it. but, I told you all about my job on Fremont and how it was pretty cool well I’ve finally reached that boiling point of wanting to quit and I finally did (well not just yet) but I got a new job today and I’m pretty excited about it! Today has been a good day all around.


But the whole reason for me bringing this up is to tell you guys if you are doing something that you don’t like don’t keep doing it if it doesn’t make you happy. We were created to mess up and start over and over again. We have so many different paths, and choices to make it just all depends on what you want, and what you are willing to do to change things in your life.


I didn’t really want much but to just drop off that piece of good news and a little piece of motivation. 🙂 so have a great beautiful day!

It would be a lot easier if people weren’t so judgemental. You ever have that moment where you just want to talk to someone anyone and the best person to talk to in that scenario is a stranger? Yeah that’s the situation I’m in right now there’s a lot going on in my mind and I just want to escape it all .

Why is everything so easy yet so hard? Why is it easier to be sad than to be happy? Why is it easier to lie rather than to tell the truth? Seriously the world is so backwards at all times. (I’m not like super depressed or anything) but there’s a lot about life that I don’t understand and here I am again battling everything in my mind.

Monday .

Hey everyone! How are you all? I’m doing well just at the work place once again. I don’t know if I ever told you guys what I do but basically I’m a sales associate/photographer on Fremont for the zip and zoomline (its not as cool as it sounds) the pay isn’t super great but hey it pays the bills, its not like I’m looking for a career at this very moment anyways. Aren’t we supposed to have shitty jobs at the prime of our youth and look back on it in the future when we’re making real money? (If that’s not the case then my mom sure did lie to me). Anywho my day has been pretty alright but I’d much rather be at home with some hot chocolate, a blanket, and a book. Speaking of books I haven’t got the chance to crack open Frankenstein because I have to read for classes 😕 now I’m not complaining but I’m just saying I really enjoyed reading in my free time. Well I just completely lost my tran of thought because I had to get someone a go pro so that threw my whole focus off :/ I’ll be back.


Ahhhh, my day is coming to an end . You know even though I’ve been doing this blogging thing for awhile I still never really know what to say or what I should talk about because if I talk about my life chances are I may bore you all to death unless some of you guys think I’m pretty cool. I’ll basically just say whatever comes to mind and how I feel about certain situations that arise. Other than that my first week of classes were really good, I think for the most part I’m really going to enjoy my world literature class and Anthropology.

Something that also came to my mind is that I think we as human beings make it seem like life is so difficult and hard you know? We can do anything we put our mind to if we’re really willing (well that’s how I see it).

I’ve also been wondering if I’ve been serious enough but you know what I think about being serious? It kind of takes the fun out of life really if you’re just dull, and realistic.

I’m rambling because I was two days late on a post so I’ll catch you guys later in the day when I have something important to say (laugh now).

Okay, bye 🙂


I don’t feel like much of a writer these days and I guess it’s because of my lack of writing. Truth is I’ve gotten pretty lazy especially when you work a lot, and then classes start tomorrow. (Forgot to mention that) yeah a lot has happened since my last post well the post before that one lol . I have a boyfriend now (another discussion for another day) back to me. I guess what I’m really trying to say is…. I don’t really feel that inspired lately. Usually after I finish a book it reminds my why I fell in love with reading and writing speaking of reading I just finished The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood  (its a great book with a terrible ending  (in my opinion) because of the cliffhanger).


I’m thinking maybe once my world literature class starts it’ll reawaken in me what feels to be dead. That drive, that motivation to want to write. I’m going to work on spending more time away from social media and focusing more on my surroundings and what goes through my mind. Replace my phone with my notebook and carry it with me always.


Can’t really get out everything that I want to say right now because I’m at work :/ so I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow and let you know how classes were.


Have a great night, and if you guys have any tips for conjuring up inspiration please don’t hesitate to let me know!